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How to get in touch with leasing4u for your next car lease deal

Blueroc Limited trade as leasing4u and our office is based in Cheshire, you can write to us at:

Blueroc Limited t/a leasing4u
1, The Courtyard
Greenfield Farm Industrial Estate
CW12 4TR
United Kingdom

Telephone: 01270 617 540

Complaints Process - Consumer / CCA

Blueroc Ltd., operates a high level of customer service and if you feel that you have been treated badly you have the right to make a complaint to us. This is a summary of the commitment Blueroc makes to you in handling any complaint that you may make, which you believe emanates from a breach of your rights under the Consumer Credit Act.

    If you have a complaint concerning your rights under the Consumer Credit Act, you may do so in writing to The Managing Director, Blueroc Ltd., 1, The Courtyard, Greenfield Farm Industrial Estate, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4TR.
        State in detail what your complaint is.
        Give the name(s) of the person or persons you have been dealing with.
        Provide the name of the principal finance company involved if known.
    We will investigate your complaint at director level independently of the person(s) who have been dealing with you.
    We will acknowledge your complaint within 7 days of receipt.
    A written response will be provided to you within 14 days of receiving your initial communication.
        Every effort will be made by the company to resolve any disputes to your satisfaction.
        If you are still dissatisfied of the outcome you have the right to take your disagreement to the Financial Ombudsman Service.